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Kate MichelsMaking Miracles Bonding Before Birth Coach.

Kate Michels

Kate Michels, Making Miracles Bonding Before Birth Coach is creator, designer, facilitator and chief instructer of Core Alignment Coaching. With a strong background in early childhood development, Marriage and Family Counseling, NLP and Parent Coach training supporting expecting families to create miraculous birth stories is a driving purpose. Through years of practical experience wth clients, the reality of how important birth stories are has created the importance for making miracle coaching.

I'm a world renowned expert in the field of transformational core alignment, a highly respected "Coach of Coaches", popular motivational speaker and author who is known throughout the industry for helping to improve peoples lives.

As creator, designer, facilitator and chief instructor of Core Alignment Coaching, I’m now better positioned to effectively utilize my very own organically original, “self actualizing” processes! These techniques have evolved from a potent and energetic, symbiotic fusion of theories and methodologies, meticulously combined with various “gold nugget” elements spilling over from the most effective concepts initiated by others.

A founding pioneer of the Life Coaching movement, I’ve been extensively trained in the most well established and relied upon systems of Self Improvement used all around the globe.

Over time, I’ve proved to be quite adept getting positive results working within the parameters of several well respected schools of traditional counseling, mentoring and psychology. From skillfully facilitating support groups, to overseeing efforts within the fields of transactional, voice dialogue and dream analysis, I’ve had great success in dealing with everything from multiple personality, agoraphobia, anxiety, eating disorders and the struggles of every day living.

Thus, Core Alignment Coaching comes to you directly from the very center of my heart, mind and soul, a perfectly balanced expression of my unique collection of experiences, knowledge and expertise in implementing a vast array of powerful, life changing strategies for people just like you, to find your own true bearings, connect with your inner center and learn how to get what we really want out of life by choosing to get out of your own way!

I've served the personal coaching needs of everyone from rich and famous Captains Of Industry, Corporate Movers and Shakers and World Class Celebrities from the world of Sports, Music, Literature, Art and Entertainment to everyday people just like you and I, desperately wanting to enjoy life more fully and abundantly by learning to "Get out of our own way" and knocking those psychological and emotional "monkeys off our backs!"

One reason for my popularity is my ability to creatively combine much of what I learned from my in-depth studies and practice in the fields of:

Psychology, Counseling, Transactional / Voice Dialogue / Dream Analysis, Mentoring, Support Group Guidance, Multiple Personality / Anxiety / Agoraphobia / Eating Disorders / Holistic Body-Work, Massage / Sports Injury / Cranial Sacral Therapy

I have brought all of that together into one perfectly balanced package as the trusted and relied upon "Coach of Coaches!"

Over the years, I've learned to take a thoroughly original "eclectic approach" of utilizing the greatest and most powerful tools, strategies and life benefits from a number of extremely effective, life changing systems from throughout the centuries and around the globe and symbiotically applying them directly to YOU and your unique personal circumstances, in a very positive, gentle yet powerfully transforming manner, designed specifically for YOU and you alone.

I understand that so many of the popular "One Size Fits All" systems being publicly propagated, unwittingly tend to ignore the differences that make each person special and valuable within themselves, often only serving to further compartmentalize people and lock them deeper into the limited mind-set "boxes" that they are now struggling to free themselves from.

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